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11-Sep-2017 00:07

Some countries do have the MANtyhose-trend such as in Australia. I wear pantyhose because I love the way they feel and look on my legs.Yes I like to wear with shorts,when I wear under my levies they feel good they massage my legs. Sam,it depends on the person :) Some men wear pantyhose because of the silky feeling or out of medical reasons, however they won't often admit in fear of appearing different, feminine..and gay :) Speaking of appearing gay - some straight men are curious about wearing pantyhose but are afraid to appear kinky.I suppose he also believes a man who wears an earring should be left to the girls as well, or he is a fag, or a women who wears mens pants is a butch.If men want to wear stockings, or nylons, then so be it.If u dont then risk is develop blood clot that would block lung or heart.

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two months after i started having problem with my kids welfare rent-age and all of it, i really went through ***.it for anyone like women, men, children that can wear tights as legs pump fast blood flow from heart that very important also keep out from bug bites on yer legs which show red spots or mark and sit too long is very risky as clots usual develop and block lung airway..