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You can also substitute the | character for OR, so sausages | biscuits searches for the same thing.

Adding Phrases If you’re searching for a phrase rather than just a single word, you can group the words together with quotation marks.

To restrict your search to a specific file type, use the filetype: command.

For example, try searching for: Ever want to use Google to search a single Web site?

AND searches search for all the search terms, “Car AND Insurance,” (all documents containing both Car and Insurance) while OR searches search for one term or the other, “Car OR Insurance.” (all documents containing either Car or Insurance) AND Google defaults to AND searches automatically, so you don’t need to type “AND” into the search engine to get that result.

OR If you want to find one keyword or another, use the term OR.

If you’d like to find a page dedicated to iguana feeding, you can use the Google syntax intitle: to force Google to only list results that have the word “feeding” in the title.

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If you’d like to restrict the search further, you could search for: – Find by File Type.

Occasionally you might want to restrict your searches to only the text of Web sites and ignore all the links, Titles, and URLs.