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31-Aug-2017 21:30

What’s not to love about super strength and walking through walls?

Pretending to be a superhero is really fun — and having supercharged, superhero sex is as good as it gets.

One, you’re having sex with someone you work for/works for you and therefore has control of your livelihood.

And two, the single parent is broken-hearted and looking for love — just waiting for the wonderful nanny to come in and swoop them up.

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You still get to go to “office hours” (your partner at the kitchen table) and beg for a better grade you’ll “do anything to get.” The gear: College students wear normal clothes (if PINK sweats are considered normal), so just put on the most age-inappropriate thing you own and call it a day. But all you really need is a few books in front of you and BAM! Why we love it: The hot single parent hooking up with the nanny has appeal for two main reasons.Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.

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