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21-Jul-2017 12:23

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There's no age limit for love, and it's never too late to find a soul mate or even just a new friend.

With Older Dating, you can seek comfort knowing everyone's in the same boat and you're only a click away from reaching out to someone new.

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A ‘faceless’ fish has been dredged up from a seabed 4km deep by a team of researchers investigating “the most unexplored environment on Earth”.Users can also see who have looked at their profile (although now for a fee as of December 2010), ban certain types of users from contacting them (such as from certain regions of the world or people only looking for sex), and add people to their personal favorites list. " Ranging in topic from dealing with a broken heart to non-dating related debates, the forums are an excellent way of 'meeting' people virtually.

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While the resulting "Wayback Machine" is one of their best known projects, the Archive also engages in curated projects, such as the recent archive of all TV coverage on 9/11/01 at september11.… continue reading »

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