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Try googling just "Susan Manos" or "Susan Manos doll" Hi As far as I know Susan Manos never manufactured or had any dolls made in her name.

She was an author, collector, and dealer along with her husband Paris of Barbie Dolls and GI Joes. Suzanne I have one doll that has shorter dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, her eyes are sort of sqinted, red nail polish, and has a thin face.

She is a very dark brown hair bubble cut with pale pink lips, bendable legs, straight arms. There are a few interesting factors to this doll, however.

The question is about the markings on the right cheek. I am new to all of this, so please bear with me if I say something incorrect!

And from the looks of her she may be one of the first from the line with this hair style. In all likelihood, this doll was sold this way, rather than being a composite doll. the doll body you discribe is the body of a 1966 bendleg-or american girl barbie. However there is a mark on her feet that says Japan! Her head is lovely, not greasy and soft hair so I think it is a number 4 and not a number 5. Could I have a number 5 Barbie nongreasy face with a heavier body? I have a #3, B 59 on left buttock, patent pending right buttock, she has a braided bun from factory (it is secured with 2 stick pins. Thank you for putting up this beautiful, fun, very useful site!

(I had one, of course.) Perhaps you can help me with this identification because it is an awfully daunting task for a novice person. Barbie in excellent condition blue eyes with a white speck in the blue eyelids black with a light blue thin eye shadow Thanks Hi Kate - Your Barbie is a Swirl Ponytail.She was a personal friend of mine and I had the great opportunity of seeing her vast collection in her home years ago before she sold them. My mother Susan Manos sold her collection to Marl Davidson in mid 90's. Attached is a presentation with 4 pictures that show my 1962 Barbie which seems to be all original, except for the head, unless the back of the neck did not have hallmarks. I purchased this doll several years ago in the box with stand and earrings wrapped in tissue paper. Kris Shaw Answer: Hi Kris -The early Barbie dolls including Bubblecuts did not have any markings on their heads, with the exception of some transitional Bubblecut Barbies. The other doll has longer dirty blonde hair, more of a doe eyed look, less red lipstick, and no painted nails, and has a wider face. Hi - The Barbie on the right is a Bubblecut Barbie. If you can tell me what number she is it would be so helpful.

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