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12-Nov-2017 18:08

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uring his reign came great persecution upon the church.Diocletian said about the persecution "If these bibles are not destroyed, they might become buried seed that would spring forth to influence others"He gave complete freedom to the Christians by the Edict of Milan. He also ordered and financed a rival Greek Bible that had been exploited by the forces of Heresy and apostasy that came from Alexandria, Egypt.after being released from his exile in Patmos, John spent his closing days, in the collecting and forming of those writings we call the New Testament.ppointed as head of the catechetical school of Alexandria, Egypt.

Local authority committees – known as Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) – from Brighton and Essex are among a growing number urging heads to ditch BC and AD.

Death was seldom inflicted, persecution was worldwide and many church leaders perished.

many of the errors that crept into the church during this time arose from placing human reasoning above the authority of scripture.

Time of Emperor Trajan-According to the Pliny the second, who saw of Christians being put to death.

this was the third major wave of persecution against the early church. John, the last of the original 12 disciples to dies in Ephesus.

The slip happened as he asked about an event in ‘the 6th Century BCE’.

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