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08-Sep-2017 20:56

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Katsav has always maintained his innocence and accused the media and justice system of conspiring to bring him down.What Weinstein, Ailes, O’Reilly, Shalom, Magal, Gronich and Katsav have in common is that their victims were subordinates, employees or colleagues who relied upon their attackers to advance their careers.When a man abuses the power of his office and position and gets away with it – until the day it all comes crashing down.Over the past week, through media reports and firsthand testimony, dozens of women have accused Weinstein, a powerful Hollywood executive, of harassment, assault and rape, with some accusations dating back 30 years.Question their testimony, question their memories and question the timing behind the accusations. Why come forward 10 or 20 or 30 years after an event?The underlying thread, of course, is to call into question their credibility, cast doubt on their honesty and question their motivation for speaking up.

It may take years or decades for a woman to gain the courage to speak out about abuse, rape or harassment.Would they be paid hush money to go away and never speak of it again?After all, just look at the case of MK Nissan Slomiansky.Many of these women took years to speak up about their abuse.

They all have their own reasons, but undoubtedly most were fearful of the consequences. Could they be deemed too sensitive, to be overreacting? Would their names be dragged through the mud, their personal lives scrutinized, their reputations smeared? It’s a question often asked when stories like the ones concerning Harvey Weinstein emerge.

The chemistry is there and you’re on the same page about many things, but often your careers will be at different stages, which could lead to resentment, says Amber Soletti, founder of On Speed and Singleandthe … continue reading »

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